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This Japanese Reggae artist has a very unique sound to her. I mean, I know reggae is what it is – its distinct sound is unmistakable. But Metis, she found her calling Reggae instead of RnB which is what she started in the music industry with. I have all the love for indie-artistes, truly madly deeply. I feel that they are generally MORE reflective and expressive than the contemporary pop groups you see on MTV.

Song:Ume wa Saita ka Sakura wa Mada kaina

Song: Answer

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Namie Amuro


Namie Amuro – the dethroned Queen of Pop after her fame was eclipsed by Ayumi Hamasaki. Ouch. But that hasn’t stopped Namie from performing and churning out music over the years. She was noted in her early years for her Westernized dance music and popularized fashion whose followers came to be nicknamed Amurā (Amurer in English). Debuting in 1992 as part of the quintet, Super Monkey’s, she later debuted solo in 1995 to phenomenal success with producer Tetsuya Komuro. Severing her ties with Komuro in 2001, Amuro has reestablished herself as a R&B artist. Her last album, Queen of Hip-Pop (2005) debuted at #2 and has been certified double platinum since its release. She has nine #1 singles, five of which have sold over 1,000,000 copies.

Namie Amuro was born in Naha City, Okinawa, Japan. She is the daughter of Emiko Taira who is Japanese-Italian. Emiko’s father’s identity is unknown. Amuro is the last of three children Emiko had with her biological father before their divorce. Amuro’s parents divorced when she was a toddler.

Amuro got her start when she was discovered by Masayuki Makino, the president of Okinawa Actors’ School, after coming along with a friend who was currently enrolled in the school. It was him who later at the age of 14 placed her in a group called Super Monkeys along with Minako Ameku, Nanako Takushi, Hisako Arakaki and Anna Makino. They left the school and made their major label debut with the double a-side single, “Koi no Cute Beat / Mr. USA” on September 15, 1992 on Toshiba-EMI.

After she got out of the band, Namie became a single artist and a succesful one at that. She took a little hiatus in the year 1998 to give birth to her baby, her fame declined. Mostly due to the fact that she hadn’t done any promotional work and the fact that being married with a kid takes a blow on your music career as you are longer as cool as a young, chic and hip popstar.

However, in 2004 until present, Namie’s stardom is on the rise again and she is back in full force armed with new genres (she immersed herself in R&B in the interim period) and a new look. Read more about it here.

I think her songs are pretty good. Check them out:

Baby Don’t Cry

Can’t Sleep



Source: Wikipedia

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Ken Hirai


Ken Hirai

I love it that he is hot and that he sings in R&B with Rakuen being my favorite song for a while during my late teen years. Ken Hirai, where art thou?

I haven’t heard from him for a while, maybe he hasn’t been doing much international presence since 2001/2 onwards or maybe I’ve just been too busy growing up. I really thought he was of mixed parentage with his looks but ooooo mama, he sizzles. Okay, I’m gonna stop with the oogling and go to the main reason of this post.

Ken is decidedly the best Japanese R&B artist in my eyes. Maybe it’s because I don’t know any one who is better in Japan. His singles and albums have sold international and locally with much success – even with songs like “Okina Furudokei” or My Grandfather’s Clock (2002), which was initially predicted to only have a minor success became a huge hit of that year itself. He is no doubt a talented singer, coupled with his soulful eyes and style, it is the perfect ingredient for ignition.

In 2003, Ken performed for MTV Unplugged Live in New York, as the 1st Japanese male solo vocalist. Also, he was interviewed by CNN “The Music Room”, which was televised in 210 countries, and watched by 230 million viewers.

5th album “LIFE is…”, which contains “Strawberry Sex”, “Ring”, and super-hit single “Ookina Furudokei” (My Grandfather’s Clock) was released on January 22, 2003.

In December 10, 2003, conceptual album “Ken’s Bar” was released. In the album, Ken selected his favorite songs and covered in his own style.

In May 2004 “SENTIMENTALovers” was made public. The album spawned 4 singles, with “Hitomi wo Tojite” (Close my eyes) the most successful, also becoming the biggest-selling single of that year.

He hasn’t been up with much anything new except DVD editions of his previous albums and a release of a new single set to be out on the 17th of January 2007. Check out his official Sony website here.

Here’s a video of Ken Hirai with Rakuen

And another – Why by Ken Hirai

Source: Wikipedia, Ken

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Hey, Kouhaku! Bounce with me!

Remember last year I told you about Kouhaku Uta Gassen, the annual music contest held on New Year’s Eve between male and female artists? Well, 2006’s Kouhaku, as Taro reported, turned into the Japanese Nipplegate when kitschy hip-hop/R’n'B artist DJ OZMA had apparently topless girls dancing to his song “Bounce With Me”.


For the finale, the girls pulled off their skimpy G-strings to reveal little mushroom “penises” – the DJ OZMA logo. NHK received over 250 compaints and the producers were quick to point out that the girls were wearing body suits. Admittedly, I could only tell they were body suits after looking at the high resoultion close-ups Taro posted. It might be interesting to note that despite that debarcle, the White team (men’s team) won Kouhaku that night.

Anyway, Taro posted video, take a look at it quickly because it might get pulled down like other Japanese copyrighted material. I wanted to post a bit about DJ OZMA himself, because very little is known about him. People aren’t even sure how old he is. His official profile carries on about Taiwanese and Korean music scenes, and apparently how much of a hit he was there. There is a theory currently doing the rounds that he is in fact Sho Ayakouzi from a “Yankee” rock group called 氣 will 團.

He seems to have appeared on the music scene in 2006, dancing like a loon and chanting half-English, half-Japanese songs. The lyrics are silly and predictable, the costumes (particularly the blonde afro) are outrageous and the behaviour is very lewd. He’s basically a joke, much like Hard Gay. In fact, in the short time he’s been on the scene, people like Ayumi Hamasaki and martial arts fighter Akihiro Gouno have been impersonating him.

His first album “I ♥ PARTY PEOPLE” was released in late November, so expect more kitsch in the future, especially after all that free promotion he got after Kouhaku.

DJ OZMA's first album

EMI’s official website for DJ OZMA (Japanese only)
DJ OZMA’s official site (Japanese only)


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Fuji Rock Festival

FUJI ROCK FUJI ROCK FUJI ROCK FUJI ROCK! Sweet googlymoogly YES! I can’t wait for this festival. The Fuji Rock Festival – Japan’s largest outdoor festival – gets in excess of 100,000 attendees and attracts big-name international acts. This year’s lineup include Franz Ferdinand, The Hives, Jet, Mogwai, The Scissor Sisters and this little band you may have heard of, known as Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

Sweet googlymoogly YES!

But there’s also plenty of Japanese bands to go with the internationals. I’m looking forward to Asian Kung-Fu Generation, personally.

It’s a three-day weekend festival where you camp (or hotel, if you’re that type) in the forests of Niigata prefecture. Niigata isn’t actually anywhere near Mt Fuji as the name suggests. The festival used to be held near Fuji but was nearly destroyed by a typoon in its first year. Hence, it’s new, permanent home in Niigata. It makes for an excellent weekend out in the Japanese summer, with slight relief from the heat of Tokyo in the last weekend of July.

Now’s the downside…the three day pass is ¥39,800 (about US$400), or ¥16,800 for one of the 10,000 one-day passes sold each day. Add an extra ¥2,500 for camping, and ¥2,000 per day car park. The shinkansen there is another ¥6,000 or so, depending on where you’re travelling from. Then there’s food, souvenirs, alcohol…

It’s an expensive weekend out, for sure. But it’ll be a festival you’ll never forget, either.

Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival – official page in English
Wikipedia article on the Fuji Rock Festival


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the pillows

the pillows (lack of capitalisation is deliberate) have won their way into my top 5 favourite bands of all time. Like so many other fans outside of Japan, I first heard their music on the soundtrack to the Gainax anime FLCL(Furi Kuri). Their happy, boppy melodies and unique guitar sounds, with sogns both in English and Japanese, have been compared to Weezer and The Pixies but personally I think they’re a genre onto their own.

The band formed in 1989 but first achieved mainstream success with their 1997 album Please Mr. Lostman. In 1999, their albums Little Busters, Happy Bivouac and Runners High were licensed by Gainax for the FLCL soundtrack and the pillows even wrote two new tracks for the anime: Ride On Shooting Star (the ending theme song) and I Think I Can.

The current members are Sawao Yamanaka (vocals and guitar), Yoshiaki Manabe (guitar), and Shinichiro Sato (drums). The band have gone through a number of bass players since the original bassist Kenji Ueda left in 1992.

The band has recently celebrated their 15th birthday with the “I like you busters” tour, and have even toured in the U.S. this year in March. Sawao Yamanaka also says that the band will be releasing albums in the U.S. in the near future.

Check out the pillows if you can. These guys will rock your socks and then some. A good place to start is the FLCL soundtrack or with their greatest hits album Fool On The Planet.

the pillows

The official website
The official website in English

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Become a (Pop/Rock) Star in Japan!

Sony Music Japan International Audition

It does sound like an April’s fool but it is just an odd starting date for a real event: for the first time ever, Sony Music Entertainment Japan is hosting an “International Audition”. What it means is that the Japanese branch of Sony Music is looking for foreigners to spice up their catalog. Not just models, they are actually open to all kinds of talents, from musicians, to bands, to TV talents. It seems everyone is invited to apply and try their chance to become a star.”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” meets Show Business!It isn’t rare for Japanese entertainment companies and music labels to host big public auditions like that, and many successful artists have been found through these. Not only interpreters, but also composers, writers, and all-round music artists. What makes this audition different however is that this time, Sony Music is targetting gaijin! And not just fluent Japanese-speakers either: English speakers, Chinese, Koreans, the scope is large and the possibilities seem infinite. Participants from any nationality, sex and age are welcome.

Because of its size, Sony Music is interested in all kinds of profiles, and any musical genres. And the best part is that you can enter from anywhere, inside or outside from Japan.

If you don’t have any recordings, you can apply without sending a demo. You can also submit your homepage’s URL if it has your music and profile online. In fact, you can even enter if you don’t have any musical experience (“we welcome applications from anyone wishing to become a musical artist”). Cover songs are ok too, and to make sure every singer has a chance to get noticed, they even accept submission of demos recorded at a karaoke…

Models are welcome too (“we have some model management groups within Sony so models are also welcome”), but fear not: someone with a better look will not be given priority (“it is important for those who want to become a model or TV talent to have charisma and a unique look. However, for musical artists, the look won’t affect our decision”).

Also notable are the facts that the audition is free (“no fees required for application, screening, or any matters thereafter”), and if you get chosen, you don’t have to worry about money either (“Sony Music will bear all the costs involved in developing you career. If you need lessons, for example, Sony Music will take care of all the lesson fees.”).

Regarding copyright issues, Sony Music will not re-use your original content afterwards (“application materials will not be used for any purposes other than screening”). You will also keep the rights of your songs (“If Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc wants to release one of your songs, we will discuss and make a contract with you before releasing it”).

The audition starts today and end on May 31st, 2005.

More details on the requirements, address etc. on the official Sony Music Japan website


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BoA (권보아, Kwon Po-a) (born November 5, 1986 in Guri, Gyeonggi province) is a Korean pop singer. She has released albums in both Japan and Korea, and her recording company, SM Entertainment, is positioning her as a cross-cultural star for all of Asia. She speaks native-level Korean, plus conversational Japanese and English, and is learning Chinese.

BoA broke records in both Korea and Japan with her smash hits, including “No. 1,” “Valenti,” and “Listen to My Heart”. She has made strides in music and acting with chartbreaking albums released in both Japanese and Korean as well as being a covermodel for huge companies such as Shiseido, Honda, KDDI: Au, and Calpis. BoA has also become a crosscultural icon, bridging historical tensions between the nations of Korea and Japan.

When BoA was 11 years old, BoA’s brother entered a talent contest to find a new multicultural star hosted by the Korean corporation SM Entertainment. The company invited their participants to bring younger siblings, and BoA’s brother brought her along. Before long, SM had settled on her as their future star. After persuading her parents that their young girl should become a singer instead of continuing to study (BoA was a very bright student nevertheless), SM began her training and she was learning the languages a cross-cultural Asian icon would need.

In 2002, her album Listen to my Heart rocketed straight to #1 on the Japanese Oricon charts, during the time of the tension surrounding the 2002 World Cup, which was hosted by Korea and Japan.

BoA was awarded “Most Influencial Asian Artist” and ” Favorite Artist Korea” Prizes at MTV Asia Awards held in Singapore on February, 2004. Her songs are now popular even in Taiwan, PRC and some Southeast Asian countries. She is going to move her main theater from Japan to China. 

She appears on numerous magazine covers and some commercials, including KOSE, MISSHA, Lipton, Ting, Pantech & Curitel, Elite, Lotte, Maybelline, and Wired XYZ.

BoA also appeared in the Korean Music Festival held in the Sydney Opera House on the 21st of June 2004.


Track listings are from releases in the label’s country (Japan for Avex Trax, and Korea for SM Entertainment) or from the most minimalist versions available. BoA discs are often re-released with titles like "Valenti [Bonus Track] [EXTRA TRACKS] [ENHANCED]." Such versions were avoided in compiling this list.

Best Of Soul
BoA’s first Japanese-language "best of" album in Japan, including all her hit singles. Also her first release in 2005.

  • 01. Listen To My Heart
  • 02. ID; Peace B
  • 03. Amazing Kiss
  • 04. 気持ちはつたわる [Kimochi wa Tsutawaru]
  • 05. Every Heart-ミンナノキモチ- [-Minna no Kimochi-]
  • 06. Valenti
  • 07. 奇蹟 [Kiseki]
  • 08. NO.1
  • 09. JEWEL SONG
  • 10. Shine We Are!
  • 11. DOUBLE
  • 12. Rock With You
  • 13. QUINCY
  • 14. コノヨノシルシ [Konoyono Shirushi]
  • 15. メリクリ [Meri Kuri]
  • 16. La La La Love Song (feat. Soul’d Out)

My Name
This is BoA’s 4th full Korean album, published by SM Entertainment. All lyrics are in Korean. She also published an international version of My Name by Avex Trax. There are two extra songs in the international version

  • 01. My Name
  • 02. Spark
  • 03. I Got U
  • 04. My Prayer (기도)
  • 05. 완전한 날개 (One Wings-Embracing Each Other)
  • 06. 두근두근 (Pit-A-Pat)
  • 07. I Kiss
  • 08. Don’t Give A Damn (상관없어)
  • 09. 그럴 수 있겠지…!? (Maybe… Maybe Not?)
  • 10. Etude
  • 11. 인사 (Good-Bye)
  • 12. Feel Me
  • 13. 바보같죠 (Stay in Love)
  • 14. We (우리)
  • 15. My Name (Chinese Version)
  • 16. My Prayer (Chinese Version)

K-Pop Selection (Special Disc)
Not to forget her Korean fans, BoA released this disc in 2004 through Avex trax.

  • 01. NO.1 3:12
  • 02. Milky way 3:19
  • 03. Listen to my Heart 3:57
  • 04. Time to Begin 3:36
  • 05. ID ; Peace B 3:58
  • 06. My Sweetie 5:25
  • 07. Day 4:13
  • 08. Don’t start now 3:43
  • 09. Atlantis Princess 3:44
  • 10. Realize (stay with me) 4:17
  • 11. SARA 3:53
  • 12. Where are you 3:47
  • 13. Come to Me 3:35
  • 14. waiting.. 4:17
  • 15. The Lights of Seoul 4:26

Love & Honesty
BoA’s first Japanese release of 2004 was Love & Honesty.

  • 01. Rock With You
  • 02. Shine We Are!
  • 03. Some Day One Day feat. Verbal (m-flo)
  • 04. Love & Honesty
  • 05. Midnight Parade
  • 06. Be The One
  • 07. Expect
  • 08. Over ~Across The Time~
  • 09. 心の手紙 [Kokoro no Tegami]
  • 10. DOUBLE
  • 11. Easy To Be Hard
  • 12. Song With No Name ~名前のない歌~
  • 13. Milky Way -君の歌- [-kimi no uta-]

Shine We Are!
Shine We Are! was released under Avex Trax in Japan in 2003. All but the last track are Korean.

  • 01. B.I.O
  • 02. Shine We Are!
  • 03. 세상의 어디에서도 (One Way)
  • 04. Discovery
  • 05. Beside You
  • 06. 이별풍경 [Ee Byul Bboong Kyung] (Always)
  • 07. Milky Way (Club Remix)
  • 08. Searching for Truth
  • 09. flower
  • 10. Flying Without Wings (feat. Westlife)

Next World
Next World is a series of remixes of BoA songs from Valenti and works of BoA with another artists. It was released in Japan under Avex Trax.

  • 01. Holiday / PALMDRIVE feat. BoA & FIRSTKLAS
  • 02. 奇蹟 [Kiseki] (Soul’d OUT Remix)
  • 03. Flying Without Wings / Westlife feat. BoA
  • 04. Show Me What You Got(DJ WATARAI REMIX) / BRATZ feat.BoA&Howie D.
  • 06. Shine We Are! (GROOVE THAT SOUL REMIX) / Remixed by G.T.S
  • 07. flower (D.I’s "Luv hurts"REMIX) / Remixed by Daisuke Imai feat.LISA
  • 08. Winding Road (feat. DABO)
  • 09. Everything Needs Love (Piano-pella) / Mondo Grosso feat. BoA
  • 10. Valenti (English version)
  • 11. Every Heart (English version)
  • 12. Listen To My Heart (English version)
  • 13. Amazing Kiss (English version)

Atlantis Princess
BoA’s 3rd Korean release. All lyrics are in Korean or English.

  • 01. Time to Begin
  • 02. 아틀란티스 소녀 [Atlantis Princess]
  • 03. 나무 [Tree]
  • 04. Milky Way
  • 05. 천사의 숨결 [Beat of Angel]
  • 06. 선물 [Gift]
  • 07. 이런 내게 [Where Are You]
  • 08. 단념 [Make a Move]
  • 09. 사랑해요 [So Much in Love]
  • 10. 남겨진 슬픔 [Endless Sorrow]
  • 11. Show Must Go On
  • 12. 서울의 빛 (Lights of Seoul) (Korean version)
  • 13. Lights of Seoul (English version)

Valenti was released in 2003 in Japan under Avex Trax. Correspondingly, its tracks are sung in Japanese.

  • 01. Valenti
  • 02. Jewel Song
  • 03. B.I.O
  • 04. 世界の片隅で [Sekai no Katasumi de]
  • 05. 奇蹟 [Kiseki]
  • 06. Winding Road (feat. DABO)
  • 07. Searching for Truth
  • 08. Moon and Sunshine
  • 09. Discovery
  • 10. flower
  • 11. BESIDE YOU -僕を呼ぶ声- [-boku o yobu koe-]
  • 12. Feel the Same
  • 13. No.1

Miracle is a Korean BoA disc released in Korea in 2002. All lyrics are in Korean.

  • 1. 기적 (Destiny)
  • 2. Every Heart
  • 3. Valenti
  • 4. Feelings Deep Inside (마음은 전해진다)
  • 5. Share Your Heart (With Me)
  • 6. Happiness
  • 7. Snow White
  • 8. Nobody But You
  • 9. Next Step
  • 10. Nothing’s Gonna Change
  • 11. Listen To My Heart (Bonus Track)

Peace B. Remixes
BoA’s 1st Japanese Remix Album. This was released under Avex Trax in 2002. All lyrics are in Japanese.

  • 01. Listen To My Heart (Akira’s Un Momento Remix)
  • 02. Amazing Kiss (Thunderpuss japanese Club Mix)
  • 03. Every Heart-ミンナノキモチ- (Groove That Soul Mix)
  • 04. Power (Masters Of Funk Remix)
  • 05. ID;Peace B (Shinichi Osawa Remix)
  • 06. Share your heart (with me) [Dub7s Lovers Rock Remix]
  • 07. Don’t start now (Two Main Guys Mix)
  • 08. 気持ちはつたわる (L12 Remix featuring Rude Boy Face)
  • 09. Amazing Kiss (Tiny Voice,Production Remix)
  • 10. Listen To My Heart (Hex Hector Main Japanese Club Mix)

BoA’s 2nd Korean album. All lyrics are in Korean.

  • 01. No. 1
  • 02. My Sweetie
  • 03. 늘 [Neul]… (Waiting…)
  • 04. Tragic
  • 05. Shy Love
  • 06. Day
  • 07. Dear My Love…
  • 08. 난 [Nan] (Beat It!)
  • 09. P.O.L. (Power of Love)
  • 10. My Genie
  • 11. Pain-Love
  • 12. Happiness Lies
  • 13. Realize (Stay With Me)
  • 14. Azalea

Listen to my Heart
Listen to my Heart was released in Japan in 2002 under Avex Trax. BoA sings in Japanese for this disc.

  • 01. Listen to My Heart
  • 02. Power
  • 03. Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ- [-Minna no Kimochi-] (the fourth ending title of popular anime series InuYasha)
  • 04. Don’t Start Now
  • 05. 気持ちはつたわる [Kimochi wa Tsutawaru]
  • 06. Share Your Heart (With Me)
  • 07. Dreams Come True
  • 08. Amazing Kiss
  • 09. Happiness
  • 10. ID; Peace B
  • 11. Nobody but you
  • 12. Nothing’s gonna change

Jumping Into the World
Jumping Into the World was released by SM Entertainment in Korea. The overseas edition was released April 7, 2001.

  • 01. Dont Start Now
  • 02. Again
  • 03. Destiny
  • 04. Love Letter
  • 05. Love Hurts
  • 06. Power
  • 07. Let U Go
  • 08. Don’t Start Now (English version)
  • 09. ID; Peace B (English version)
  • 10. 사라 [Sara] (English version)
  • 11. Dreams Come True
  • 12. 비밀일기 [I'm sorry] (Chinese version)
  • 13. ID; Peace B (Chinese version)
  • 14. 사라 [Sara] (Chinese version)

ID: Peace B
Peace B was BoA’s debut album. It was released by SM Entertainment. All lyrics are in Korean.

  • 01. ID;Peace B
  • 02. Come To Me
  • 03. 체념 [Heart-off]
  • 04. Sara
  • 05. 비밀일기 [I'm Sorry]
  • 06. 안돼, 난 안돼 [No way]
  • 07. 차마 [Every Breath You Take]
  • 08. Whatever
  • 09. I’m Your Lady Tonight
  • 10. 어린 연인 [Young Lovers]
  • 11. 이별준비 [Letting You Go]
  • 12. 먼 훗날 우리 Someday somewhere]


BoA has released a significant number of singles, especially in Japan—many of them chart-topping.

メリクリ (Merikuri)
メリクリ was released in December 2004, both in Korean and Japanese.

  • 1. メリクリ (Merikuri) (Japanese & Korean)
  • 2. Mega Step (Japanese & Korean)
  • 3. The Christmas Song (English)
  • 4. メリクリ (Merikuri) (Instrumental)
  • 5. Mega Step (Instrumental)

External links

(Source: Wikipedia)

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Koda Kumi

Koda Kumi (倖田來未) (born November 13, 1982), is a Japanese solo rhythm and blues singer. She was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She debuted in the professional singing career on December 6, 2000.

Kumi’s first single track is “Take Back”, which was released in the United States in March 2001. Her follow-up single is “Trust Your Love”, which held the 39th position in Billboard’s Hot 100 singles sales chart and the first position in Billboard’s Hot Dance Music and Maxi-Singles chart. Her first album was Affection, produced by Max Matsuura. It contains remixes by Hex Hector and Jonathan Peters. She also performed the Japanese version of 1000 Words, a song from the video game, Final Fantasy X-2. She is also the voice actress for Lenne in the Japanese version of that video game.

To honor the victims of the September 11 terrorist attack, Kumi collaborated with Korean singer Kwon BoA on the charity album The Meaning of Peace, produced by Tetsuya Komuro, one of the most prolific, famous, and successsful music producers in Japan.

She is been widely known for her effort to gain popularity as the singer for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X-2, singing “1000 no Kotoba” (1000 Words) and the opening song “real Emotion.” Although she recorded English versions of both songs, Square Enix believed that it sounded low-quality or lackluster, and many English-speaking fans have commented on the versions’ Engrish lyrics and pronunciation. Consequently, Square Enix wisely* opted to have Jade of Sweetbox to perform the English versions of the Final Fantasy X-2 vocal songs. However, Kumi’s versions were later released as b-sides on her single, “Come With Me”.

Kumi is also a spokeswoman for Christian Dior in Japan. Her favorite artists are Christina Aguilera and Ja Rule.

Her first concert in the United States took place at the Marriot at the Capital in Austin, Texas, on January 30, 2004 as a part of the Ushicon 3 anime convention.

Many gamers found Jade’s own version of “Real Emotion” horrible. Jade’s english is definitely better. But Koda Kumi’s voice has been a much better choice for the introduction sequence. Koda Kumi’s english isn’t as bad as some people are saying.

External link

Official webpage (In Japanese)

(Source: Wikipedia)

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