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Dolly is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. They are signed under the Marder Suitcase label.
Dolly was formed in 2005 with an original lineup of Mitsu, Masa, Yuina, Hachi and Takashi. The played their first concert in October 2005 at Takadanobaba Area and released their first single, “Screen of Indoors” shortly after as a DVD single.

In 2006, their first CD single, “Pumpkin Carriage Parade”, was released on January 13. In March, they released another single, “2 Ripped Sweets”, followed shortly by Takashi’s departure. Tsuguki quickly replaced Takashi and Dolly released their first EP, Cynical Closet, on July 26. In November they began a three-single release campaign with Ussetsu Drop, Suisai Palette, and Shinshoku Rosetta, all bearing the “Tricolor Opera” title.

Dolly’s first single of 2007, “Karmaison”, appeared in stores in June. In September, they released their first full album Jewel’s Drip containing previously released singles, as well as eight new tracks. After a short break, due to Mitsu’s health problems and brief hospital stay, Dolly continued their “Jewel’s Drip Parade” tour.

song: birthday

Song: Colors

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B’z (ビーズ, Bīzu?) is a Japanese hard rock duo comprised of Tak Matsumoto (松本 孝弘, Matsumoto Takahiro?, composition, guitar) and Koshi Inaba (稲葉 浩志 Inaba Kōshi, lyrics, vocals).

Since their inception, they have sold more than 75 million records in Japan alone. Under the recommendation of Steve Vai, B’z were the first artists from Asia to have their handprints and signatures put up in the Hollywood’s RockWalk.

Song: Giri2x Chop
Song: Super Love Song

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Nanase Aikawa


Nanase Aikawa (相川 七瀬, Aikawa Nanase?) is a Japanese musician known for employing a variety of musical styles, most notably rock. She publishes her music under the Motorod label, a division of Avex Group.

Nanase Aikawa was born on February 16, 1975, in Osaka, Japan. Throughout her school years, Nanase had sung and participated in a several singing competitions, which brought her to the attention of a well-known music producer Tetsuro Oda. At the age of 15, she dropped out of school to be trained by Oda. At the age of 20 she released her first single, Yume Miru Shoujo ja Irarenai on 8 November 1995.

After she released her first single on 8 November 1995, she released three more singles, and then her first full album Red in 1996, which sold more than two million copies in its first month. That album won her an invitation to perform on Kōhaku Uta Gassen, a New Year’s Eve singing contest between male and female teams of popular singers sponsored by NHK (one of Japan’s television networks).

Since then, she has released about one album each year, plus an average of three mini- or maxi-singles. Her second album, Paradox, was released in July of 1997, selling 1.8 million copies, coinciding with her first concert tour Live Emotion ‘97 (consisting of 20 concert dates, and attracting a total of 65,000 fans, according to Avex).

July of 1998 saw her third album Crimson, and another concert tour with over 40 concert dates. Her 1999 release, I.D. was a compilation album, but it debuted at number one on the rock chart, her fourth consecutive album to be released at the number one slot.

In 2001, she also released a ‘mini-album’ (sometime between a full album and a single) with only 7 tracks called the Last Quarter of uncharacteristically soft ballad-style music, recorded during her later months of pregnancy.

It wasn’t until 2003 that she released another album, another compilation, called ID: 2.

At the 11th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards, Nanase’s album Red was voted the Best Album (Japanese Rock and Folk music, female vocalist category). Her album Paradox was also voted Best Album of the Year at the 12th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards.

In February of 2004, three years after her last original album and many singles, she released 7 Seven. An album devoted to feelings relating to music and color, with each song dedicated to a certain color. Since then she has released four more singles.

In July 2004 her song BYE BYE was covered by UK singer Jennifer Ellison.

As of August of 2004, Nanase Aikawa has released six albums, plus two compilation albums and the mini-album, a total of 24 singles, and no less than three separate concerts and two music video collections on video and DVD.

A year later, in February of 2005, she released The First Quarter mini-album. This album focused more on ballads and soft music than her well-known rock edge. In November of that same year she released R.U.O.K?!, a mini-album with seven songs. In July 2007, Nanase Aikawa began work on her new album.

Song: Bye Bye

Song: Ai No Uta

Check out her official website

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Közi (こうぢ Pronounced “Koji”) is a Japanese visual kei artist who plays guitar, piano, keyboard and synthesizer. Közi is most famous for his time in the largely popular visual kei band Malice Mizer. Currently Közi is playing in industrial rock act Eve of Destiny, as well as continuing his own solo project.

Közi’s career began at the end of the 1980s in two bands, Girl’e and Beyond The Reinsight. Information about these bands is very scarce. In 1991 he joined Matenrou (also known as Matenrow) with future Malice Mizer member Mana and released two demo tapes. Mana and Közi left Matenrou after deciding they both had similar ideas about creating music. They formed Malice Mizer in 1992. After Malice Mizer disbanded in 2001, Közi joined Haruhiko Ash and created Eve of Destiny, an industrial rock band that toured outside of Japan, performing at various festivals in Europe.

In 2002, Közi collaborated with Japanese author Minako for the book Izayoi No Tsuki (十六夜の月), which Közi provided the eerie soundtrack for. He then performed a special singing event in Japan which cemented the fact that he was following a solo career. Közi’s first solo release was the double-disc, double-single package KHAOS/KINEMA, which included the memorable “Promenade”. The track was re-released several months later on his debut album Catharsis (カタルシス). Közi’s MEMENTO single is dedicated to the late Malice Mizer drummer Kami (drummer).

During his time in Malice Mizer, Közi often assumed the role of a pierrot doll, dressing in clown-like costumes with large ruffs, always in shades of red, his favourite color. In music videos and on-stage he would often make movements reminiscent of a marionette (string puppet). Közi has continued this visual style to some extent, but his contemporary stage costumes are more gothic. His work on the Izayoi No Tsuki project was reminiscent of carnival music, and artwork for his projects usually follow a dramatic, theatrical theme. Details about his private life are sketchy. Due to lyrical and visual content in his work, it is generally assumed that he is interested in sado-masochism and has an eyeball fetish, a source of continual amusement to his fans.


Song: Life Goes On

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D’espairsRay is a Japanese rock band formed in 1999 by Hizumi, Karyu, Zero and Tsukasa. The lineup has since remained the same and as of March 2007, the group has released several singles and EPs, as well as a two full-length records. Besides Japan, D’espairsRay have also toured Europe and North America in recent years, along with domestic releases in these territories. They performed at the Wacken Open Air festival in 2006, and a second album, titled Mirror was released on April 11, 2007.

Is it me or are the members in this rock band look a little girlish? They seem to touch the Visual Kei area a little, eh?

Check out the band’s official website and MySpace site.

Song: Garnet

Song: Forbidden

song: Reddish

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Porno Graffitti


Porno Graffitti (ポルノグラフィティ, Poruno Gurafiti), also known as Porno (ポルノ, Poruno) is a Japanese male rock band from Innoshima. The band got their name from the album Pornograffitti by the band Extreme. They currently record under Sony Music Entertainment Japan Records (also known as SME Records) label.

The origin of this band is a band called “No score” that was formed by Haruichi Shindo with his cousin in high school. After Haruichi made the band, he asked Akihito Okano and Masami Shiratama (Tama) to join his band. As the band name says, all of them could not read a score for the first time. When they started the band activity, Haruichi was the vocalist, but they found out that Akihito could sing better than him, so Haruichi gave the vocalist position to Akihito, and he got the guitarist position. This is the foundation of Porno Graffitti.

They came out with the song Apollo in 1999. Two single CDs Saudade and Agehachō both sold over a million copies in Japan. They are also well known for the song Melissa, used as the opening theme of the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, in 2003. They also created the song Hitori no Yoru, used as the opening theme of the anime series GTO, back in 2000 and Winding Road, used as the ending theme of the anime series Ayakashi Ayashi, in 2006. A cover of their 2000 single Music Hour was featured in a stage of the Nintendo DS rhythm game Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2.

Song: Mugen

Song: Melissa

Song: Hitori no Yoru

Check out their official website: Porno Graffitti

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Λucifer (sometimes spelled Aucifer, pronounced Lucifer because of the greek letter “L” lambda “Λ”) is a Japanese rock group, best known for contributing several of their songs to the popular anime, Kaikan Phrase. The band was formed in 1999, and disbanded in early 2003. They officially debuted on 15 September 1999 with their big hit single Datenshi BLUE, and became increasingly popular thereafter.

Λucifer was put together for the Kaikan Phrase anime to promote it. The anime was based on the popular shoujo manga by Mayu Shinjo. The band members of real life Λucifer changed their names to match with their anime/manga counterparts, except for the vocalist, who kept his name instead of changing it to Sakuya (the main character’s name). Several of Λucifer’s songs were used in the anime, along with songs of other j-rock bands like GLAY, Feel and e.MU. However, the band decided to go on even after the anime had ended, and continued to release more music afterwards.

Then finally on 25 October 2002, over two and a half years after the anime had ended, they announced that they were breaking up. Following the announcement, they did their last tour entitled “Λucifer Last Live 2002-2003 Energy” from 16 December 2002 to 10 January 2003, which included 9 shows. After that, they appeared for the last time in a TV music show, PopJam, on 11 January and then did their very last show (which was also their first show done abroad) at the Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand on 19 January.

At first, on the first album, the music was written by Takuya Asanuma (JUDY AND MARY), Chisato (Penicillin) and IPPEI & TAIZO (FEEL) but after that, the members of the band started writing more. BEATRIP featured one song from Atsuro and one from Santa, and the rest were by Takuya and Chisato, but by the third album, nearly all the music had been done by members of the band, save for one song by Takuya, and two of the songs Makoto did that were done as a collaboration with Masaki. The lyrics on the first two albums were all done by Mori Yukinojo (except for one song on BEATRIP, when Makoto did them). On the third album, only the lyrics to the song by Takuya were made by Mori and the rest were done by the band members.

After the break-up of the band;

* Makoto has gone on a solo career (going by the name Makoto). Towa and Santa also played on his first mini-album “VIBRATION”.
* Towa is in two bands called OLIVE SUNDAY and Birth of Life and has done some solo work as well.
* Santa is with Towa in OLIVE SUNDAY, and played on a few Angelique soundtracks and also on Anna Tsuchiya’s first mini-album “Taste My Beat”.
* Yuki is in a band called DUSTAR-3.
* Atsuro has been playing guitar for j-pop artists like meg rock, Marika and Chieko Kawabe.

Λucifer also made music videos for every single they released.

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Acid Android


acid android (yes, spelled without caps) is a solo project formed by yukihiro, the drummer of the popular japanese rock band L’Arc~en~Ciel. acid android releases, as with the other members solo projects, take place inbetween L’Arc~en~Ciel albums releases when the members are on haitus. To date acid android has released one album, one single, an EP and a live DVD. The band, in contrast to L’Arc~en~Ciel uses a harder, faster sound, more stage-lighting and American-styled mechanics to further energize their concerts.

acid android/faults feat.toni halliday

Perpetual Motion

I seriously think acid android is very good. Better than the crap MTV feeds us these day. Check out his songs, they’re very unique and very genuine, without being affected and emo. I really like this.

Check out acid android’s official website.

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OOIOO is perhaps the best known side project of Japanese rockers Boredoms. An all-female group founded by Boredoms drummer (and sometimes trumpeter and vocalist) Yoshimi P-We, OOIOO shares much of the musical style of the better-known Boredoms.

I have posted about Boredom before and this is like a side project for them. So far so good, their popularity has been gaining and their songs are not bad at all :) And the girls are pretty attractive too! :P

here are some of their videos:

Title: UMO

Title: Open your eyes, you can fly

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Melt Banana


Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock band that was founded in 1992 by friends attending Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. These friends were Onuki Yasuko (also known as Yasuko O. or just Yako), Agata Ichirou, Rika mm’ and later on Toshiaki Sudoh (more widely known as simply Sudoh).

Melt-Banana have released eight full-length albums and 23 EPs (primarily split releases with other bands, most of which were compiled onto one disc in 2005). In 1997, they created their own recording company, A-Zap (formerly Iguana Coax), and re-issued most of all their early albums. During this time, drummer Toshiaki Sudoh quit. Since then, the band has had different drummers helping for tours and recordings. They do massive U.S. and U.K. tours yearly and do smaller Japanese tours (the reason for this, according to them, is that travelling in Japan is quite expensive). Most recently, Melt-Banana recorded the song “Hair-Cat (Cause the Wolf Is a Cat!)” for Perfect Hair Forever on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup. The new album, Bambi’s Dilemma, was released on April 24, 2007.

Melt-Banana’s music falls under what many call “noise rock” . The term refers to music that blends rock, noise music, and other genres. Agata plays highly unorthodox guitar with extended techniques. For instance, he overlaps two different guitar riffs, simulates lasers and sirens, and has an impressive arsenal of effects, almost all made through his guitar and large amount of effects pedals.

Here are some of their videos.

Song title: Free the Bee

Song Title: Shield for your eyes, a beast in the well

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