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Become a (Pop/Rock) Star in Japan!

Sony Music Japan International Audition

It does sound like an April’s fool but it is just an odd starting date for a real event: for the first time ever, Sony Music Entertainment Japan is hosting an “International Audition”. What it means is that the Japanese branch of Sony Music is looking for foreigners to spice up their catalog. Not just models, they are actually open to all kinds of talents, from musicians, to bands, to TV talents. It seems everyone is invited to apply and try their chance to become a star.”Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” meets Show Business!It isn’t rare for Japanese entertainment companies and music labels to host big public auditions like that, and many successful artists have been found through these. Not only interpreters, but also composers, writers, and all-round music artists. What makes this audition different however is that this time, Sony Music is targetting gaijin! And not just fluent Japanese-speakers either: English speakers, Chinese, Koreans, the scope is large and the possibilities seem infinite. Participants from any nationality, sex and age are welcome.

Because of its size, Sony Music is interested in all kinds of profiles, and any musical genres. And the best part is that you can enter from anywhere, inside or outside from Japan.

If you don’t have any recordings, you can apply without sending a demo. You can also submit your homepage’s URL if it has your music and profile online. In fact, you can even enter if you don’t have any musical experience (“we welcome applications from anyone wishing to become a musical artist”). Cover songs are ok too, and to make sure every singer has a chance to get noticed, they even accept submission of demos recorded at a karaoke…

Models are welcome too (“we have some model management groups within Sony so models are also welcome”), but fear not: someone with a better look will not be given priority (“it is important for those who want to become a model or TV talent to have charisma and a unique look. However, for musical artists, the look won’t affect our decision”).

Also notable are the facts that the audition is free (“no fees required for application, screening, or any matters thereafter”), and if you get chosen, you don’t have to worry about money either (“Sony Music will bear all the costs involved in developing you career. If you need lessons, for example, Sony Music will take care of all the lesson fees.”).

Regarding copyright issues, Sony Music will not re-use your original content afterwards (“application materials will not be used for any purposes other than screening”). You will also keep the rights of your songs (“If Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc wants to release one of your songs, we will discuss and make a contract with you before releasing it”).

The audition starts today and end on May 31st, 2005.

More details on the requirements, address etc. on the official Sony Music Japan website


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36 Responses to “Become a (Pop/Rock) Star in Japan!”

  1. ngminkim Says:

    hi. i’m interested on becoming japanese singer. about becoming a star in japan,can you please tell me in detail in english words on my mail? thank you

  2. Ash Says:

    OHHH YATTA I’d love to try this out, but i’d need a little more info on it, i mean i’ve always dreamed of being a Japanese loved artist!!!

  3. Yves Says:

    What more info do you need?

    By the way, don’t forget to tell your friends too…

  4. Mel Says:

    hi! im from australia and i want to try out.So do i send in my demo and photos?? Where do i send it to?And what other information is needed

  5. Jessica Says:

    I know, I’ll not from Japan but I really want to be a musical artist. I can sing and play the guitar. I’m 15 year old female, half African and half Asian. Please send me back please. So I can tell you more about me

  6. Jasmine Says:

    How wonderful! Problem is 1) I’m not fluent in Japanese… i’m still teaching myself… and 2)I don’t live in Japan! I’m 15 and like Jessica (above) i’m half asian (korean/chinese/japanese) and half black. After high school i was planning on either joining a band or modeling in Japan. I love singing and i have a bass but still have to learn how to use it. I can do a few things but THAT’S ALL for the moment. Can you please email me back with more information on this and i’ll let you know more about me.

  7. Yves Says:

    Jessica and Jasmine: I am only reporting the news… You need to follow the instructions on the official Sony site and send them your demo/photos etc. I don’t know more than what I wrote here and I am not organizing this audition.

    Good luck!! :)

  8. Lauren Says:

    How awesome! What a great opportunity! Of course… I’m nervous, wondering what they can gather from a couple of photos of a potential musical artist. They say that looks don’t matter as much if you want to sing, but if you don’t have a demo (which I DON’T because I’m only an amateur pianist T_T ) how can they tell if you’re worthy or not? I’m thinking aloud when I wonder how high my chances are. Do you think there’s someone I could contact? Jeez, maybe I should just wing it ^____^ Sounds like fun anyway, but I’ll feel bad if I never hear about it again and don’t know why I was thrown which way for what reason… Thanks for telling me about it though, I think it’s worth a shot!

  9. Suely Harumi Says:

    Hi…I have a friend with cute face that wants to try the audition…she is actually at Harada´s International modeling website…but I can send you her pictures…pls let me know how to apply for this audition. This friend lives in Japan but I am in Brazil…I saw your add at Orkut

  10. Ed Baker Says:

    Does anyone know how many applications have been received by Sony so far?

  11. betty Says:

    i have a question.. if you sent the application stuff in and you forgot to write you have permission but you actually do what do you do?

  12. ayame Says:

    I want to try out. Where do I go to audition? Is there one in the eastern part of the USA such as Rhode Island? I’ve always wanted to be a pop/rock singer in japan!!!

  13. Monique (MoMo) Says:

    Oh my god! I’ve always dreamed of becoming a singer in Japan (even though I’m not Japanese, i’m black, but I think I have asian in me, like Crystal Kay). I can sing and dance, and I just love all things Japanese. Too bad…I missed the dead line for the Sony Japan International Artist Search. ~_~. But if anybody knows about any other way to become a singer in Japan, please let me know, it would be my one escape from this drama I call my life!

  14. Yves Says:

    Well, there are no way to be 100% sure (and don’t quote me on this), but I assume you can always send a demo tape and a photo to Sony and other main Japanese labels and try your luck: this particular audition was very open and they were ready to get involved on a very deep level with the successful applicants. But that doesn’t mean they will stop there. Nobody knows what the plan is except Sony people themselves. I suggest you send your application anyway. And make sure to mention you heard the news on 3Yen ;)

  15. ayame Says:

    Hello again,
    I was just wondering will they be more auditions in the USA in the next few years? Because I want to finish highschool first then go into becoming a singer. So can you tell me if they are auditioning in the next 2 or 3 years? Thanks for your time I really appreciate it. Another thing can you send the information if you can to my email address in english. Thanks alot!!!!

  16. Yves Says:

    There has been no audition in the US. It is all “virtual”: Via mail. You send your stuff to Sony in Japan and if they like you, you go to Japan.

    Now, how would we know if there will be more auditions in the next few years? Who knows?? I’m not sure Sony execs even know… Anyway, we are just reporting a news. We ARE NOT Sony!

    Oh, and by the way, we are not going to send you anything to your email address. I have a much better idea: why don’t you bookmark and come read the news from time to time, comment them, tell your friends, link to us from you blog, and tell your friends to tell their friends too? ;)

    Anyway, you are right: finish high school first. If you are good, you’ll become a singer.
    Good luck.

  17. Mel Says:

    Well i sent in my application.But havent gottern a reply yet.I hope i actually have a do you think they will contact you by phone email or mail??BTW im overseas

  18. kim Says:

    i sent the things that needed for the audition. but nothing happened…… did they contact us if we really selected?

  19. kagami Says:

    damn….I was to late….=(

  20. Toshiko Says:

    I sent in a few things for the audition..i was really curios about the results and everything so i called the faq number in japan. i made the call around midnight, which is like, 4pm, their time. the guy told me that there were so many responses from the US alone, that they havent even sorted through all the applications yet, and they said they will NOT be able to pick any winners by the May 30th deadline. he said they will begin contacting winners by mid-july. So my hoppes are still up!

  21. dex Says:

    I called sony Japan today but they said that if you werent contacted that would mean that you were not through the first phase. maybe they got tired from all those people calling but maybe its just true.

  22. Toshiko Says:

    Wow, really?? That’s different than what they told me a few weeks ago. But if it’s true, then it’s true..oh well maybe next time..

  23. kim Says:

    is it true? then maybe they will contact us anytime then…… :P
    hope it is true

  24. xibalba Says:

    Will it accept a “bodyless” band? You know, like Gorillaz, I’m scared of japanese weather.

  25. kim Says:

    actually,did they already contacted the winners? because it has been 3 months after the dateline. anyone know something? because it has been so quiet since then………………

  26. stone Says:

    Swedish trio playing varying music with a bit odd harmonies and a lot of vocals and rythm. Free download. Welcome!

  27. Donny Says:

    Modeling is an attractive carreer to consider. I would like to model for Sony. On my URL there are some amature photos of me. If Sony thinks they can work with me then maybe I should model for them. I live in Japan, Am 20 years old, 150lbs 5′10″ . Hazel Eyes, dark blonde hair. very short cut. Currently i work for the US Navy onboard the USS Kitty-hawk and i would like to Model when i don’t have to work for the Navy.

  28. Teresa Says:

    I want to enter but I didnt know, and its too late. u_u

  29. Teresa Says:

    Do you know if they will have another one, next year maybe?

  30. stone Says:

    Hi there Japan! We welcome you to our site with our own scandinavian music and a blog about martial arts. Free download.

  31. Lisa Aki Toyoda Says:

    Hi! I would like to know about if there’s going to be an other audition similar to this one…I’m Japanese but born in Hawaii, raised in Canada and would love to work in Japan in the entertainment field. I speak fluent japanese/spanish and french…would love to sing or act. If you have any info, please contact me.
    Thank you for your time!

  32. Adriel Says:

    Hello, Sony and hello Japan! I am stoked to play there and cannot wait! Japan Rocks Bigtime!

    Sali Oguri is a fan of my music and I am a fan of hers. Check me out at or in the #1 position for the Hard Rock category at Hope you like it. Be seeing you!

    Write me at

  33. Mary Cee Says:

    Hello there,
    I want to know if Sony found any singer in R&B category or if there is a room for any more auditions. I write songs and wish to take off my music career this year. I live near Tokyo and been in Japan for about six years!

  34. Naoko77 Says:

    Hi everyone,
    I would like to know if we could still send demo tapes to Sony in Japan even after the deadline (as in anytime during the year) and what the mailing address is, please:), thanks for reading this:)Bye:)

  35. Naoko77 Says:

    sorry, I have another question: is Sony in Japan linked to all of the other Sony places all over the world, please? If so, then if we send a demo tape to the Sony closest to us, and tell them that we want a career in Japan, will they be mad, or will they help us contact Sony in Japan…, thanks for reading this again, sorry for posting two consecutive messages!:)

  36. Chidade Says:

    This is incredibly old, people. Look at the dates. You can consider this event and topic dead.


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