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Japan Can’t Stop Partying to Weezer

Here’s a great video featuring all kinds of random Japanese people on the street singing along to Weezer’s Can’t Stop Partying. It’s a very catchy tune to begin with and this little video makes it all the more fun.

Ah Weezer.

Awesomeness. Read the rest of this entry »

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Taylor Swift’s Japan video blog

It’s always interesting to see what celebrities’ impressions of Japan are during their short visits. I always get a kick out of Johnny Depp whenever he does media appearances. Great fun. But check out this video that Taylor Swift posted on her site. She actually visits Australia first, but in the second part of the video you can see her in Japan.

As always, foreigners tend to get a kick out of some of the more interesting signs around Japan, and Taylor is no exception. Read the rest of this entry »

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Yoyogi Rockabilly Elvises are so much cooler than you!

WTF is the plural of Elvis? Should I be writing ‘Elvi’?
Screw it.

What I am sure of, however, is that the Yoyogi Rockabilly guys are BADASS! Like, if these guys were any greasier they would induce CARDIAC ARREST! Seriously. Such a potent combo of machismo and pu$$y dancing has never been seen before.

I’m so conflicted. Want to see what I mean? Check it: Read the rest of this entry »

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From Pink Lady to Perfume

The other day I blogged about Pink Lady, an amazing Japanese disco duo from the 70s. Well, I’m sure that Perfume (one of Japan’s most popular girl groups of today) owes a debt of gratitude to their pop pioneering.

Check out this live performance of “Puppy Love.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Pink Lady is short skirts and 70s disco-pop at it’s finest

Among all the new music that we’re bombarded with these days, it’s easy to forget about the classics that paved the way years ago. One Japanese group that always brings a smile to my face is Pink Lady. They have a deadly mix of short skirts and crazy disco-pop vibe that’s strangely infectious. It’s really hard to stop listening to their tunes once you’ve gotten started, so be warned.

Check the video below for one of my favorite Pink Lady songs called ‘Southpaw.’ It certainly doesn’t help that they’re easy on the eyes too. Read the rest of this entry »

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Pianists Hiromi Uehara and Nobuyuki Tsujii

Japanese born pianist Hiromi Uehara is one of those unique performers who might not be the greatest musician technically, but supplements her music with a joy that makes her concerts great. Check out this jazzy little ditty, courtesy of oneinchpunch: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Life of a Guitarist summed up in 2 mins

This is a pretty amazing little animation. It’s actually a music video from Denki Groove, but the story conveyed through the pictures almost distracts you too much from the music. In any case, it’s really fascinating to watch especially if you’re a guitar player.

It just goes to show that hard-core guitarists the world over share certain things in common. Have a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comments. Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it!
Read the rest of this entry »

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Daisuke Asakura


Daisuke Asakura (浅倉大介, Asakura Daisuke?, November 4, 1967, Asakusa, Japan -) is a male Japanese pop artist.

His childhood consisted of piano lessons and the expectations to follow the family trade of plumbing.

Asakura began his career with landing a job at Yamaha right after High School. While under Yamaha, Asakura worked on the EOS synthesizer; he was also featured in the home-instructional video for the machine. His talent was discovered by Tetsuya Komuro of TM Network and Daisuke was pulled from Yamaha to work under Komuro as his protégé. Daisuke played Bass Synthesizer during TM Network’s 1990-91 Rhythm Red tour. Then Asakura met Hiroyuki Takami in 1990 following Rhythm Red and eventually in 1992 broke away from TM Network and formed access (or AXS) with Takami on vocals and lyric. The duo received enormous acclaim and a firm influence in Japanese popular music. Notably, access is also famous for their on-and-off-stage fan service.

Takami and Asakura’s early musical relationship was often a rocky one, however. Both men are reported by even newer fans to have been “at each other’s throats” constantly in Access’ later years until finally the duo disbanded in 1995, much to the dismay of their fans and supporters.

Despite this blow, the infamous break-up left Asakura to pursue new ideas that included producing and composing songs for new artists; one of the most successful acts he created was with J-pop idol Takanori Nishikawa under the title of T.M.Revolution. In mid-1996 Asakura started a three-man unit titled Iceman which brought Kenichi Ito(guitar) and Michihiro Kuroda(vocal) to the spotlight. Iceman, although not as popular as Asakura’s previous project with Takami, was met with considerable acclaim from Asakura’s loyal and growing fanbase. After several years Iceman ended activity due to conflict between Michihiro Kuroda and Asakura, however. During and after his years with Iceman Asakura built his wealth and reputation as a composer taking after his idol and teacher, Tetsuya Komuro. He produced singles and albums for many jpop vocalists who now reside in obscurity. Examples of Asakura’s past projects includes vocalists such as Sakanoue Yosuke, Kinya Kotani, Daichi Kuroda, Akiko Hinagata, Yuki Kimura, FayRay, Takashi Fujii and groups such as, Onapetz, Pool Bit Boys, Lazy Knack and The Seeker. He also composed a few songs for visual kei J-rock band, Shazna. Most of the above listed, as well as a group of school boys under the name D.A.N.K., were included in a project called Cherry Garden which amounted to literally nothing in the end instrumented the demise of Asakura’s musical ‘Family’.

The year 2001 was a great year for Daisuke, however. He produced his first solo album in seven years as well as working with Iceman guitarist Kenichi Ito in Mad Soldiers; a sort of comedic spin-off from Iceman in which both men’s ’sinister’ alter egos ‘Scorpion’ [Asakura] and ‘Snake’ [Ito] produced music for Kotani Kinya and performed officially unrecorded cover versions of famous songs such as ‘Lemon Tea’ by Sheena and the Rockkets and ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ by Duran Duran, one of Asakura’s speculated favourite bands. Much to the joy of Asakura’s older fans, in 2002 he reunited with Hiroyuki Takami and reformed access. With the reuniting of Daisuke’s favoured vocalist, Takami, T.M.Revolution was dropped from Asakura’s projects possibly due to Nishikawa’s rude comments towards Daisuke’s true intentions as a musician, claiming that he had a ‘black stomach’ [synonymous with 'black heart']. In recent years Nishikawa has reportedly made efforts to contact Asakura and send him flowers, but such efforts have been ignored.

Asakura also went off on a solo project in 2004 titled “Quantum Mechanics Rainbow”. In which he released multipule CDs for a year, and each CD title name had to do with a color and math property.

Currently, Asakura focuses on his career as Keyboardist and support vocalist for access; now celebrating their 15th anniversary in the year 2007. In 2006–2007, Asakura produced two singles for new jpop idol Kimeru, hit the road with TM Network for 2007’s TMN TRIBUTE tour and is now currently creating new songs for the popular dance-step game, Dance Dance Revolution’s newest version.

In November 2007, access released a memory/ discography book, alongside much coveted access plushies, to commemorate their 15 years together (the 7 year interval apparently didn’t count to them). It is said to be a continuation of another discography/memory book they produced titled “Sync-Beat.”

In 2008, he has revealed a new musical project, entitled “DA METAVERSE ~100 songs for 1000 DAYS,” where he will release 100 new songs over 1000 days exclusively through iTunes. The project was launched on June 25th, 2008.

Song: Techno Beethoven

song: Decade

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Do As Infinity

Do As Infinity is a popular Japanese band which debuted on September 29, 1999 with the release of their first single, “Tangerine Dream”. Their name is sometimes abbreviated as D.A.I., revealing that Do As Infinity was named after the band’s guitarist and composer, Dai Nagao. With the release of their A-side compilation album Do the A side, Do As Infinity disbanded on September 29, 2005, after a career which spanned six years, six albums, twenty singles, seven compilation albums and eight live DVDs. The band reformed on September 29, 2008, and reportedly will have their first new release in spring 2009.

Song: Fukai Mori

Song: Sense of Life

Song: Enrai

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Dolly is a Japanese rock band formed in 2005. They are signed under the Marder Suitcase label.
Dolly was formed in 2005 with an original lineup of Mitsu, Masa, Yuina, Hachi and Takashi. The played their first concert in October 2005 at Takadanobaba Area and released their first single, “Screen of Indoors” shortly after as a DVD single.

In 2006, their first CD single, “Pumpkin Carriage Parade”, was released on January 13. In March, they released another single, “2 Ripped Sweets”, followed shortly by Takashi’s departure. Tsuguki quickly replaced Takashi and Dolly released their first EP, Cynical Closet, on July 26. In November they began a three-single release campaign with Ussetsu Drop, Suisai Palette, and Shinshoku Rosetta, all bearing the “Tricolor Opera” title.

Dolly’s first single of 2007, “Karmaison”, appeared in stores in June. In September, they released their first full album Jewel’s Drip containing previously released singles, as well as eight new tracks. After a short break, due to Mitsu’s health problems and brief hospital stay, Dolly continued their “Jewel’s Drip Parade” tour.

song: birthday

Song: Colors

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